Advantages to Using a Rotary Welding Positioner

When looking to help clients find methods to improve their welding process, we often recommend rotary welding positioners. If you are looking for improved safety while also increasing productivity, this may be the solution for you, too. Read on to learn from our welding positioners in Milwaukee about the advantages of using a rotary welding positioner.


Applications of a Rotary Welding Positioner

Often the surface area or product that needs to be welded is large, cumbersome or challenging to navigate around. In these cases, it would help to have an extra set of arms. Thankfully, the welding world has something even better to offer: a rotary welding positioner.

Rotary welding positioners are tools which give welders optimal access. They do this by providing a secure grip on the material as well as rotational capabilities so that the welder can perform the weld to a joint without break.

Improved Quality and Efficiency

Rotary welding positioners help to produce more high-quality welds with fewer defects and delays. They do this by creating a stable surface and consistent process. Some of the additional specific advantages cited by welding positioners in Milwaukee specialists for welders and their products include the following:

  • Faster welds
  • Improved visibility
  • Decreased fatigue
  • More consistency
  • Quicker, less intensive set up process
  • Less downtime required


Increased Safety

The use of rotary welding positioners also offers added safety to the welding process. Much of the larger equipment that needs to be welded was not designed to be held or rotated, making the task nearly impossible to do, let alone do safely. Prior to the development of rotary welding positioners, weldment was held in place with chains, cranes, ladders and forklifts. This meant that the welders would have to be put in unique, unsafe positions to complete the job.

Rotary welding positioners allow the equipment to be held securely and properly in a space where the welder is in control of his or her position and actions. This allows the welding to be done with confidence and skill, decreasing the chances of injury or accident. It also allows beginning welders to offer a higher degree of protection (even though they may lack the experience of a veteran welder) because the rotary welding positioner provides such stability.


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