Custom Automated Welding Machinery

It is common to weld assemblies with interference fits. Bancroft builds a line of circumferential assembly presses and custom welding systems. Vertical and horizontal version are available. Get your ideal custom automated welding machinery built for your exact requirements.

Custom Welding Machines

Hydraulic presses and  automated welding systems press parts together and produce a circumferential weld in the same cycle. A press complete is signalled when a pressure is reached or the ram meets a predetermined stroke position.

Servo presses are designed with enclosed, precision ball screw drives and rigid frames. Parts can be pressed to specific forces while measurements of length and radial orientation can be monitored.

Hydraulic cylinders, power transmission, and transformer enclosures are examples of parts that can be done on this these types of custom welding machines.

Custom Options

Bancroft’s machines can utilize additional Servo’s, Hydraulics, and/or pneumatics to provide multi-functional automation solutions including:

  • Fixturing
  • Welding
  • Cutting
  • Tracking
  • Pressing
  • Setting
  • Drilling
  • Clamping
  • Locating
  • Measuring
  • Monitoring
  • Infeed and Outfeed
  • Lifting and ergonomics

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