Bancroft’s Line of Premier Welding Positioners are designed and built in Wisconsin, USA.



Rotary Welding Positioner

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The #1 Choice welding positioner for smaller weldments weighing up to 100 pounds (45kg)

The TT100 includes many of the same features as our higher capacity TT210 and TT500 models including variable speed control, forward/off/reverse switch control, plug for an optional foot switch, a robust DC gear head motor, and fuse for motor overload.

  • Compact Design with large 12” Table
  • Suitable for any type of welding including stick, MIG, or TIG
  • High Frequency protected
  • Capable of handling up to 300 amps of welding current

The Bancroft TT100 is a low cost, lightweight, robust solution to the most demanding, repetitive welding job.

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  • Input Power – 110VAC 60Hz Single Phase 10 Amp.
  • Precision ground table top
  • Solid state electronic variable speed control
  • Forward/Off/Reverse Switch
  • Replaceable power cord with ground plug
  • Back-mounted grounding stud
  • DC gear head motor
  • Dynamic Breaking – Brings Table to a quick stop
  • 0-90 Degree Tilt for angular work
  • On/Off Foot Switch
  • 3-jaw chuck
  • T-nuts for easy fixture mounting
  • Digital RPM display
  • Aluminum Table
  • Load Capacity*: 100 lbs.
  • Table Diameter: 12”
  • Welding Ground Circuit: 300 Amps
  • Table Tilt: 0-90 Degrees
  • Variable Speed**: 0 – 15.75 RPM
  • Torque Rating: 350 In. lbs. @ 7.0 RPM

*Based on properly balanced load with table in horizontal position and positioner on level surface.
**Variable speed may vary +/- 10%.

Height: 9.5”
Width: 13.5”
Depth: 12”
Net Weight: 30 lbs.



Base price without options.

  • 200 lb vertical load rating.
  • Ground tabletop with slots.
  • 90-degree tilt.
  • 300 Amp rotary welding ground brush.
  • DC rotation drive with ten turn speed dial.
  • Power on/off forward reverse.
  • 110 VAC.
  • Adjustable overlap control.
  • Hollow spindles.



Base price without options.

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  • 500 lb vertical load rating.
  • Ground tabletop with slots.
  • 120-degree tilt.
  • 500 amp rotary welding ground.
  • DC rotation drive with speed dial.
  • Power on/off forward reverse.
  • Compatible with model 200 sequence control for automated operation.
  • 110 VAC.
  • 2” center through hole.
  • Adjustable overlap control.
  • T-nuts for easy fixture mounting.
  • Aluminum table top.
  • On/Off foot switch.


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  • 2000 lb vertical load rating.
  • Ground tabletop with slots.
  • Hollow spindle shaft for gas lines or tooling.
  • 1000 Amp welding ground.
  • Low backlash oil bath worm drives.
  • AC tilt motor and DC rotation drive with speed dial.
  • Welding positioner available with servo motors for a robotic application or with custom controls.
  • 460 VAC.
  • Adjustable overlap control.


  • Available for integration with all types of automated welding machines.
  • Two roll feed assembly with sealed ball bearings.
  • Hardened tool steel feed roll sets.
  • Isolated mounting base.
  • Wire reel hub assembly.
  • Wire guide positioner with torch clamp block.
  • Replaceable guide tip.
  • 3-99 IPM Speed range.
  • Wire feed delay and retract timers.
  • Forward/reverse.
  • Optional digital display.
  • 110 VAC power.
  • Adjustable overlap control.
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