Weld Controls

All Bancroft Welding controls are 100% customizable to meet our customer’s specific needs.

weld controls
Standard 300/500/605/1210 MIG Welding Control
Control Benefits & Features
  • AB PLC and Maple System HMI 
  • Easy set up for part changeover
  • Standard 6″ stroke actuators for torch extend and retract (custom lengths available)
  • Adjustable Torch Compound
Easy Troubleshooting
Bancroft 4800 TIG Control
AVC Screen


Bancroft’s AVC (Arc Voltage Control) for both GTAW and PAW is designed to control and measure the voltage of the arc length. When comparing the actual welding voltage to the voltage settings our Servo-Driven torch adjuster will automatically move up or down to maintain the corrected voltage and arc length. This technology is compatible with inverter and conventional welding power sources that can include both Pulse and Non-Pulse welding along with AC or DC polarities.

Weld feed settings


  • Available for integration with all types of automated welding machines.
  • Two roll feed assembly with sealed ball bearings.
  • Hardened tool steel feed roll sets.
  • 3-99 IPM Speed range.
  • Wire feed delay and retract timers.


Control the torch with the back and forth movement. Reduce the number and layers of the weld by controlling of oscillating speed, width and pause time.

Control of both distance and speed from the centerline included dwell times at both transition points.

Weld settings

Weld Settings

Using Modbus our TIG Control talks directly to the power supply communicating all settings before every weld.

Eliminates the need to have an operator or setup person manually enter data on the power supply before each setup.



  • Up to 100 full receipts.
  • Up to 10 transitions per welding pass
  • Up to 5 passes
  • Transition at any degree in the rotation
  • Change Amperage, Velocity, Wire Feed, Enable or Disable Oscillation, or Turn the Weld On/Off
Seam Tracking
Tactile Seam Tracker with Control Unit
  • Seam tracker pendant assembly, standard
  • 10’ cable
  • 5-axis probe bracket
  • Seam sensor assembly
  • Probe cable assembly 4’
  • Mounting kit for sensor & torch
  • Probe tip to match part geometry, round tip
  • Tactile probe assembly
  • 10 X 10 cross slide with linear bearings and ball screws
  • Seam tracking interface to machine control
Laser Vision Seam Tracker with Control Unit
  • 2D/3D Profile Sensor
  • Control Unit uniVision
  • Connection Cables and Lines
  • MTG kit sensor torch
  • 10 X 10 cross slide with linear bearings and ball screws
  • Seam tracking interface to machine control

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