Weld Planisher

Bancroft offers custom weld planishing machines for smoothing and strengthening seam welds.

The process of planishing smooths out the seam weld beads for a blended finish on the ID and OD.  MIG/GMAW, TIG/GTAW, or Plasma/PAW— almost any weld can be planished.

Planisher Machines
Standard Features & Benefits
  • Planishers are useful tools to improve the weld’s cosmetic appearance of parts as well improving the welded metal joint’s strength.

  • Used for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

  • The weld bead is seamlessly blended into the base material for a flat appearance—without part distortion.

  • The tough seamer-style tabletop design secures the part during operation making alignment easy. This allows the operator to be hands-free during planishing.

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