Synchronized Drive Axle Weld Lathe

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Synchronized drive lathe systems are used when joining two (sometimes three) components that have a radial orientation. Two opposing spindles are coupled and driven at the same speed. This is accomplished with either a direct drive transmission, or electronically with synchronized motors and electronic gearing.

These machines can be constructed with the spindles in a vertical, horizontal, or inclined plane to optimize the effects on gravity on the weld pool.

Air and electrical utilities are available through the spindles via continuously rotating air unions and slip ring conductors. These utilities allow integration of automatic tooling with the machine controls.

Synchronizing the head and tailstock can be done either mechanically or electrically.  Mechanical is cheaper but has the possibility of slight misalignment do to backlash.  Electrically synchronizing two servo motors can be more expensive but is very accurate and gives you the ability to rotate spindles independently if needed.  We can help you make the decision based on your application.

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