Synchronized Drive Lathe

Synchronized drive lathe systems are used when joining two (sometimes three) components that have a radial orientation. Two opposing spindles are coupled and driven at the same speed. This is accomplished with either a direct drive transmission, or electronically with synchronized motors and electronic gearing.

These machines can be constructed with the spindles in a vertical, horizontal, or inclined plane to optimize the effects on gravity on the weld pool.

Synchronized Drive Lathes

For us to provide you with the perfect solution for a synchronized drive system, please contact our sales team.

Optional Features
  • Precision Machine Bed to custom lengths
  • Digital Controls
  • VFD, DC, Or Servo Drives are available
  • Auto Cycle Operations
  • Customized Weight Capacity
  • Customized Back Rail options
  • Adjustable weld head carriage
  • Air- or Water-Cooled Torch
  • Rotary Air or Water Unions
  • Adjustable Steady Rests (Automatic or Manual)
  • Hollow Spindles
  • Optional OEM Wire Feeders
  • Multi-Torch Configurations
  • TIG, MIG, PAW, PAC, Laser
  • Seam Tracking
  • AVC (Arc Voltage Control) for TIG operations
  • Customized Tooling
  • Single-point disconnect
  • Factory Run-Off
  • Advanced Safety Features as Requested

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