Assembly Presses

Bancroft offers a variety of press equipment including:

  • Flaring Press: Hydraulic Flaring Press utilizes specially designed Flaring tools on both ends.  This process is used in many tank manufactures for ease of assembly.  This process is also seen on flaring welded rims before the rolling operation.

  • Head Setting Press: Hydraulic press used for assembling tank heads to the shells.  Can you used with orientation tooling to maintain radial orientation of the two heads.

  • Assembly Press: Combination Assembly Press & Weld Lathe

    Standard Features & Specifications
    • Ball Screw drive
    • Hydraulic Power Units
    • Full range of optional stroke lengths
    • Programmable pressure and flow settings
    • Machine press frames with linear bearing guides
    • Vertical or Horizontal positions
    • Customized Tooling
    • Hydraulic or Pneumatic clamping
    • Programmable Sequence of Operations

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