Linear Welding Systems (Welda-long)

Linear welding systems typically have dedicated travel cars that are driven on long travel beams. They can be incorporated with positioners and other equipment to weld simple or complex weld profiles. The control schemes can range from simple motors with speed dials to computer-controlled systems with servo motors and touch screen controls.

Internal and external beam welders are both common applications for construction equipment and telescoping boom sections.

Seam tracking can be provided mechanically or through the integration of sensors into the control system of the machine.

WELDA-LONG 200 Linear Welder
Standard Features & Specifications
  • Multiple torch configurations.
  • Linear welding machine for high volume applications.
  • Eight inch air slide raises and lowers weld head for load/unload or parts.
  • DC drive for welding speed control with high-speed return.
  • Multiple torch configurations.
  • Allen Bradley logic control with set up functions and automatic cycle.
  • Available with index positioners and in custom configurations.
  • 110VAC power & shop air on all machines.
  • Single-point disconnect.

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