Welding Fixtures & Tooling

Bancroft Engineering provides high-quality welding fixtures and tools. Our team of engineers can design and build custom holding solutions for your welding process. Find the right welding fixture for your job!

Welding Fixtures & Tools

Our welding tools and fixtures are built to securely position and support the workpiece, ensuring that all parts produced will maintain consistent quality.  Bancroft’s tools and fixtures are also optimized to improve the manufacturing production process- allowing for smooth part-to-part transitions.

Weld Tooling & Fixture Benefits
  • Part accuracy
  • Part precision
  • Increased quality
  • Process consistency
  • Reduces part errors
Tooling Details

Tooling is the most important element of automated welding. The tooling provided on Bancroft machines can be supplied as simple manual tooling, or automated with part present sensors, interlocked clamps, and part eject.

All welding fixtures are designed specifically for the part being welded with details intended to survive in the harsh environment of welding. Bronze details and guards are provided in high spatter areas. Water-cooled details are also available.

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