Proud To Be an Authorized Miller Integrator

High Power GIII TAWERS Arc Welding Robot System, image courtesy of  Panasonic


Bancroft Engineering is happy to announce our integrator partnership with Miller Welding Automation and the Panasonic line of Industrial Welding Robot Arms. What does this mean for your fabrication team? Read on to learn about all the additional benefits we can now offer you with this exciting addition to our already excellent automated welding systems offerings.

Easier Programming & Integration

Being an authorized Miller Integrator allows us to offer even more customized integration. Adding the GIII Robot Arms with the options of the built-in Tawers Arc Welding System or the Miller Auto-Continuum platform opens the door. This creates easier robotic integration to our Bancroft line of custom-integrated welding machines.

Miller Electric Integrator Bancroft

GIII Robot, image courtesy of Panasonic

For those looking for improved weld quality with simpler programming, the Panasonic Tawers G3 System can SP-MAG (with Pulse), GMAW steel and perform aluminum GMAW with Active Tawers. The G3 line can also perform DC Tig. Additionally, by adding a 7th, 8th or even 9th axis to our line of Bancroft Welding Lathes or Weld Positioners with Harmony Software from the robot, programming just got easier. This option allows the robot and the external axis to work together with coordinated motion. 

We are now able to offer programming capabilities for Heavy Plate. This will also include options for seam tracking and joint location utilizing:

  • Touch-Sense
  • ArcSense Thru-Arc Seam Tracking
  • Laser Seam Tracking


Quality Guaranteed

Customers can have the satisfaction of knowing the repeatability and quality will be guaranteed when a robot is added to our Bancroft line of welding automation. If programming downtime is an issue, DTPS (Desk Top Programming & Simulation) Offline Programming is also now an option. This can replace programming the robot from the teach pendant and reduce downtime in your shop.

With full support from Miller Welding Automation, Miller Electric and Bancroft Engineering our customers will have the best training and resources for success. From concept design of your customized Robot Cell to Tooling Design for your product, Program Training & Support you’ll have “The Right Tool for the Job”.


Automated Welding Systems

From simple, stand-alone machines to full robotic welding automation systems. We are a welding equipment builder uniquely qualified to furnish reliable, cost-effective solutions. Our Panasonic line of welding robots is just one of the many ways you can customize your Bancroft Welding Machine for these trusted, high-performance results. Contact us today to learn more about all the ways we can provide custom robotic welding solutions.


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