Don’t Let Your Metal Fabrication Shop Become Stuck in the Past

When asked to picture a typical metal fabrication shop, how many of us picture one that looks like it belongs in Mayberry with Andy Griffith? While we firmly believe that many machines from that time were made with incredible quality, we also see the benefits that newer technology offers. Today we’re going to talk about how to prevent your metal shop from becoming stuck in the past as well as how to make practical updates. Read on to learn more.


Obstacles to Progress

The first step to contemporizing your metal fabrication shop is in understanding any possible resistance to change. In speaking with our customers, there are several common obstacles. Here are just a few:

  • Lack of high-quality training materials
  • Welders or other team members unwilling to transition into new methods
  • Expensive new equipment
  • Loss of production time during transition
  • Uncertainty about the unknown

Identifying Productive Change

To be clear, this is not about jumping on new trends just to make waves. Preventing your metal fabrication shop from being stuck in the past is all about being open to new practical ways to improve your quality or process.

Chances are that your welding teams are already aware of the challenges that currently exist. Some may also be aware of new, trending technologies or techniques that would reduce those challenges. Work together with your welders to establish where your process could benefit from a new method or machine. For example, did you know that robotic welding can offer all the following (and more):

New technologies exist that can help each of these challenges. We encourage you to reach out to our team of robotic welding engineers to learn more about how we can create modern custom solutions for you.


Implementing New Systems

Getting the new equipment, procedure or process is one half of the solution. The other component to staying current is to have a strategic solution for implementing new systems without losing production time or team buy-in.

One simple solution to this challenge is to speak with other shops who have already gone through a transition to more contemporary methods. Ask them about their experience. Find out what they wish they would’ve known when they were back where your shop is now. Get honest answers about the pros and cons of where they are now.

Plasma Weld Seamer

Bancroft’s Plasma Weld Seamer

Bancroft Engineering has a long list of satisfied customers who would be more than happy to share their experience with transitioning to robotic welding or semi-automated equipment. Contact us today to learn more!


Robotic Welding

Looking to optimize your welding process with improved efficiency and a stronger end-product? Our team of engineers have experience designing completely customized automated welding systems or semi-automated solutions to fit your needs. Bancroft offers both welding design & build services under one roof. We provide everything from standalone machinery to large fully automated welding systems. Plus, we back it up with quality installation, field service, spare parts, & support.


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