Join Us At FabTech Chicago 2023!

We’ve partnered with American WeldQuip (booth #B17022) & Sanrex (booth #B11073)

Explore The 1210 Lathe with Laser Vision Seam Tracker & Programmable Positioner

Get ready for a revolution in precision! We will unveil the 1210 Lathe, now equipped with the Wenglor Laser Vision Seam Tracker, at FabTech with American WeldQuip (Booth #B17022). But that’s not all – we’re also introducing our advanced TT533 programmable positioner.

weld lathe laser vision

Image: 1210 Lathe with Laser Vision

Key Highlights

  • 1210 Lathe with Wenglor Laser Vision Seam Tracker: Elevate the accuracy of your projects with unparalleled seam tracking capabilities, ensuring consistent, high-quality welds every time.
  • TT533 Programmable Positioner: Unlock flexibility and precision, designed to position your workpiece at the optimal angle for any welding task.
weld lathe laser vision

Image: TT533 Programmable Positioner

weld lathe laser vision

Image: AVC & Oscillation Units

Unveiling Standalone AVC & Oscillation Units

We’re excited to announce we will be exhibiting our standalone AVC and Oscillation Units at FabTech Chicago with Sanrex (Booth #B11073). These units use cutting-edge technology that promises enhanced precision, efficiency and durability.

AVC Programmable HMI with Program Storage

Image: AVC Programmable HMI with Program Storage

Key Highlights

  • AVC Units: Elevate your welding precision with our AVC unit, which ensures consistent arc length irrespective of electrode wear or warpage.
  • Oscillation Units: Gain dynamic control over weld pools for enhanced fusion, penetration, aesthetics and reliability in welds.

Don’t Miss Out On FabTech Chicago In September

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness first-hand how precision welding innovations can transform your operations at FabTech! Our team would love to show how these developments could benefit you. Looking forward to seeing you there!


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