Linear Seam Welders (SEAMER)

Longitudinal seam welding can be used to produce gas or fluid-tight joints in a variety of sheet metal fabrications. Sheets can be tubular, formed rectangular/square tubes or flat sheets with a longitudinal seam welder for manufacturing parts like tin cans or steel drums. Steel, aluminum or stainless fuel tanks for motor vehicles are other prime examples.


Bancroft Engineering’s linear seam welders are designed for straight line welding of all weldable metals in thicknesses ranging from 0.005” to 0.500” and lengths in excess of 20 feet with up to 100% penetration.


These highly engineered longitudinal linear seam welders are fully customizable to suit any of your production needs. They optimize the welding process, reduce welding cost and improve the quality of your weld. Pick one of many PLC manufactures and we will customize any number of programs to provide unmatched quality to your automated welding process.


Feature Capabilities and Options Include:

  • Plasma, TIG, MIG, Sub-Arc, Laser
  • Weld Process Development & Support
  • AC Servo Carriage Drive Motor
  • Copper Backup Bar with Gas Purge Capabilities
  • Mandrel Adjustment
  • Water Cooled Mandrel
  • Cold Wire Feeder
  • Seam Tracking
  • Automatic Voltage Control (Arc Length)

Linear Seam Welders

Bancroft Engineering has manufactured Seam Welders for more than 30 years and offers one of the widest range of options.


Contact us for all your seam welding requirements.


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