Rotary Torch Welding System “WELDA-ROUND”

Bancroft Engineering, a leading provider of automated welding equipment presents one of their standard machines branded the WELDA-ROUND.


The WELDA-ROUND family of automated welders has been a staple at Bancroft for more than 45 years.  Setup and tooling are simplified with the WELDA-ROUND by rotating the torch or torches rather than the workpiece.


With the push towards efficiency and automation continually growing the Bancroft Engineering WELDA-ROUND continues to set itself apart.  It is designed for repetitive accuracy, ease of use and cost efficiency to satisfy production needs without the added costs of fully robotic systems.  The WELDA-ROUND line of production machines includes 4 different fully customizable sizes to satisfy almost any rotary welding need.


  • 300: Rotary MIG Welder
    • Our standard production tool, designed to weld a broad range of parts.  It includes 360-degree torch rotation with adjustable overlap.
  • 350: Rotary TIG Welder
    • Provides a single revolution per weld cycle in seconds with automatic return.  Includes upslope/downslope features.
  • 500: Rotary MIG Welder
    • Built for extreme applications.  The MODEL 500 bridges the gap between the MODEL 300 and the large, dual torch MODEL 600.
  • 600: Rotary MIG Welder
    • Dual Arc Technique provides unbeatable advantages for users who require speed and quality above all else.


“The capabilities and cost of the WELDA-ROUND family are unbeatable in today’s modern manufacturing industry.”   Says Travis Frea, President of Bancroft Engineering.  “We are proud to have these machines in our product line and in all the years we have been producing them have yet to find an unsatisfied customer.”


The possibilities to improve production efficiency are endless with the WELDA-ROUND family.  Request a Quote Here


About Bancroft Engineering

Based in Waukesha, WI, Bancroft Engineering’s expertise in technology will improve your welding application.  From simple stand-alone machines to full robotic automation cells.  Bancroft Engineering is uniquely qualified to furnish reliable, cost-effective solutions.


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