Semi-Automatic Welding Machine –The Best Choice

Ready to optimize your manual welding process to a more efficient operation and consistently improve your end products? Updating your welding methods with a semi-automatic welding machine will take your manufacturing process to the next level—all while increasing your profit margin.

Robotic or fully automated welding is not ideal for every project—expected lifetime of the job, the cost of tooling and the flexibility required are all factors that should be considered. That being said, semi-automated welding systems are a great option because they can double the output of a skilled manual welder while still maintaining a high level of control.


What is Semi-Automatic Welding?

Semi-automatic welding is a form of manual welding that utilizes the proper equipment which automatically controls one or more of the welding conditions. The machine operator manipulates the controls of the machine to start welding and observes the process and end result for quality. This is helpful to workers as it’s much less physical demanding than manual welding.


Advantages of Semi-Automated Welding Machines

Applications that benefit most from semi-automated equipment is when the quality or function of your weld is highly critical, if repetitive welds must be made, or if the parts already have gone through added-value processes before the welding begins. Semi-automatic welding systems offers a host of advantages for a variety of applications:

  • Enhances worker safety
  • Maintains high-quality welding output—integrity and repeatability
  • Increases overall product output
  • Decreased scrap produced
  • Less expensive than robotic welding
  • Can be used with a variety of techniques including TIG welding & MIG welding

Ready to upgrade to an automatic welding system? Contact our welding engineers today.


Welding Machine Typessemi automatic welding system for Every Application 

Bancroft Engineering specializes in robust semi-automatic welding machines—both standardized and custom solutions. No matter what type of welding projects you have, semi automatic welders give you repeatability with the touch of a button!

Weld Lathes:  Our line of weld lathes are built for speed and quality output. We also offer lathe machines that include built-in secondary operations such as drilling, milling and cutting to maximize your production line even further.

Rotary Welding Equipment: Economical, compact and robust, our line of Rotary Welda-Round machines are a great option for welding operations dealing with a variety of parts and material types.

Seam Welding Machines: Seam welding is common in many industries after forming materials into cylinders or tubes. Semi-automated seam welders are able to create uniform consistency across the entire length of the material.

Linear Welders:  Linear welding systems are designed to automate straight welding applications. These machines are commonly used for both small and large-scale projects.


Semi-Automatic Welding Systems Built in Waukesha, WI

Our team offers welding equipment from simple rotary and linear drive machines to multi-axis, servo systems with robotic integration. Interested in learning more about Bancroft Engineering and what we can do for your welding process? Get in touch with us to discuss your project!



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