TIG Welding & Radio Frequency Interference

Have you ever noticed a slight “buzz” sound from a nearby portable radio when doing TIG welding? You’re not imagining things; this sound is caused by an interference from AC welding. Today our robotic welding team is sharing some insight as to why this occurs and how to prevent it from damaging your electrical equipment.


How Does TIG Welding Impact Radio Frequency? 

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), also known as Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding, does cause radio frequency interference. This is caused by high frequency (HF) that stabilizes the AC. While this is not typically true of newer AC inverters, a lot of GTAW machines or welding systems display arc instability in AC without the stabilizing HF.


Potential Damage from Interference

It’s important to be aware that this interference can damage your electrical equipment if left nearby. One example of the type of damage this can cause is in the case of using AC GTAW on an automobile. If you fail to unplug the solid-state vehicle modules and engine computer prior to welding, the robot controller could be destroyed.

How to Protect Your Equipment

Knowing all this, we encourage you to consider implementing a few simple protective measures to keep your electrical equipment from a timely demise. This will also ensure your welding operations are following proper protocol for safety. Our top recommendations include the following three tips:

  1. Properly construct and calibrate the spark gap that produces the HF
  2. Provide the HF with an easy and dependable path to ground by connecting a solid building ground to piece being welded
  3. Purchase an updated AC inverter GTAW machine that can stabilize the AC arc without continuous HF
Aluminum AC TIG with AVC & Oscillation

Aluminum AC TIG with AVC & Oscillation

Robotic Welding

In addition to providing fabricators and manufacturers with resources and expertise, we also create quality robotic welding systems to improve your productivity and quality. Bancroft’s expertise & technology will improve your welding operations. From simple, stand-alone machines to full robotic welding automation systems. We are a welding equipment builder uniquely qualified to furnish reliable, cost-effective solutions.


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