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You can count on Bancroft Engineering to deliver the most complete line of automated welding equipment. Welding positioners are no exception. Our line of welding positioners are designed to rotate your workpiece at your desired angle and speed. Choose from our newly upgraded product line of bench-top to heavy-duty positioners with options to meet your welding automation needs. Made in the USA, these machines are designed for workpiece weights from 2lbs to 2,000lbs in vertical positions.


We recently improved our TT100 and our TT500 welding positioners. Product upgrades like these, keep us ahead of the competition, provide higher quality products, and allow us to offer more options to meet your welding requirements.


TT100 Welding Positioner

Pictured above

The TT100 is a low cost, robust solution for most lightweight needs (less than 200lbs). It has been upgraded to include the ability to add a digital speed display, remote foot pedal, and upgraded motor speed control, among many other available options.


TT500 Welding Positioner

welding positioners


The TT500 has 3 large upgrades. It now comes with a 2” through hole for longer parts and fixtures along with the ability to add a digital speed display. It also has the option to add a stand and/or Allen Bradley PLC to move a torch slide, rotate set degrees, and start and stop the welder.


Check out our full line of welding positioners here



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