Weld Cladding & Overlays – What to Know

Industries that work with harsh materials and/or environments require a quality weld that will withstand those challenges. In these cases, weld cladding and overlays are an excellent solutions. Read on to learn more about weld cladding and how custom welding systems can help with creating those heavy-duty fabrications and repairs.

What is Weld Cladding

Weld cladding, also known as weld overlay (WOL), is a welding process that joins one or more types of metals together. This is done by creating a layer out of the metal(s) which is welded to the surface of the base metal. Weld cladding is also commonly referred to as corrosion resistance alloy (CRA) weld overlay or hardfacing. These terms differentiate the new properties which are transmitted in the process.

The weld cladding process is extremely valuable for several reasons. In addition to creating a more resilient weld, weld cladding also helps with the preservation of more limited and costly materials by only requiring a small amount which welds to a more common base. Typical cladding materials include the following:


  • A duplex stainless steel
  • An austenitic stainless steel
  • A copper-base alloy
  • A nickel-base alloy
weld cladding

Common Applications

Weld cladding is one of the top surface overlay techniques for applications that require corrosion-resistant materials. It can also provide weld quality enhancement in hardness, wear characteristics, conductivity, prolong service life, or serve as a repair. There are many industrial applications for this technique.


  • Marine
  • Offshore
  • Paper/pulp
  • Oil/gas
  • Chemical processing
  • Food processing
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
weld overlay systems

Cladding and Overlay Machines

Bancroft Engineering offers weld automation equipment for weld cladding and overlay processes such as flux-cored, sub-arc and GTAW for steel, stainless, and other alloys. Typically lathes, travel carriages, or positioners with manipulators are used to apply arc welded overlays. We offer top integrated controls to coordinate the manipulation of parts with the welding process, which will help produce high quality results no matter your industry. Seam tracking can also be included as an advantage to your operation.


Custom Welding Systems

Bancroft offers both welding design & build services under one roof. We provide everything from standalone machinery to large fully automated welding systems. Plus, we back it up with quality installation, field service, spare parts, & support.


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