Bancroft Engineering, a leading provider of automated welding equipment presents one of their standard machines branded the WELD-LATHE.


The Bancroft WELD-LATHES are highly repeatable systems with extremely consistent welding speed and minimal runout. With a Bancroft WELD-LATHE you will:


  • Improve Weld Quality
  • Increase Weld Output
  • Lower Labor Costs


The Bancroft 605 and 1210 Circumferential Precision Welding Lathes are designed to allow unskilled personnel to consistently produce high-quality welds on a wide range of circumferential parts. These lathes are highly customizable, accurate, repeatable, and versatile. Additional weld heads can be added so multiple welds can be performed simultaneously. We combine and integrate these lathes with robots, Welda-rounds, Welda-longs, and other custom machinery for a completely automated system.

1210 Welding System

Our WELD-LATHES can be seen producing all types of welds in several industries including aerospace, automotive, mining, and defense to name a few. With over 50 years of welding experience, Bancroft Engineering can design tooling for almost any project to provide a complete, turn-key automatic welding system.


“Any company with any type of circumferential welding should have a WELD-LATHE.” Says Travis Frea, President of Bancroft Engineering. “The payback on a WELD-LATHE is normally measured in months, not years, because of the drastic improvements to quality and efficiency”


weld systems


The WELD-LATHE family is one of the most versatile ways to rotary weld production parts. Contact us to receive more information, to discuss your project, or to get a custom quote.




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