Welding Trends for 2022

According to the most recent Global Industry Research Report, the welding market size value will increase nearly $17 billion by the year 2026. What can we expect to see in the welding world this year that matches this kind of explosive growth? Today our automated welding specialists will address this and other related questions as we share some of the welding trends of 2022.


Welding Automation for Bridging the Skill Gap

One of the areas that drew a lot of attention in 2021 and continues into 2022 is the topic of bridging the skill gap. The skill gap refers to the increasing number of new welders entering the workforce who don’t have the experience needed to take on the complex welding projects the industry demands. This gap in abilities is emphasized by the growing number of experienced welders who are at or near retirement age and will no longer be available for mentoring.

One of the top trending solutions to this challenge is an increase in welding automation. Not only is automated welding able to provide a consistent, high-quality weld but it also dramatically improves the safety of a welder’s work environment. In addition to both those benefits, it also offers increased efficiency towards deadlines and production. To learn more about this valuable trend, visit our blog about the top three ways welding automation can bridge the skill gap.

AR Welding Training

A second rising trend in 2022 that also relates to the skill gap is an increasingly popular method of welding training. This method uses augmented reality or augmented training to give welding students more hands-on experience without the challenges associated with the more traditional training methods. Traditional training methods involve:

  • Exposure to gas emissions
  • Small training stations
  • Increased chance of burns
  • Expensive materials used up in repetitive exercises

Welding simulators can offer an extremely life-like form of training without any of the burn risk or exposure to unhealthy gas emissions. It will also save on the time and cost of acquiring raw materials for students to practice on since the simulators’ practice is all virtual.


Increased Focus on Safety

Whether it be in training or on job sites [and everything in between], safety is being stressed more and more in the welding industry. Improved technology such as robotic welding and automated welding systems are transforming circumstances by leaps and bounds, giving welders and their employers an advantage over dangerous work conditions and costly mistakes. “Safety matters” isn’t just a meaningless slogan in 2022.


Custom Welding Systems

If you are looking for a partner to help you keep up with the welding trends of today, look no further than Bancroft Engineering. We offer custom welding system solutions for even the most complex industrial applications. To learn more about how we can help you bridge the skill gap, increase efficiency, improve employee safety and more, contact us today!


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