What to Know About Welding Positioners


Photo above: NEW TT530 Automated Positioner

Utilizing welding positioners can expand a fabricator’s opportunities for both productivity and profits. Bancroft Engineering specializes in both manual welding positioners and semi-automated positioners for welding.  Let’s get into the benefits of using positioners and what you should know.

What are Welding Positioners?

A welding positioner is a mechanical piece of equipment that holds and rotates a workpiece to allow a welder to work at a proper angle and on a consistent surface. It has the ability to rotate a fast speed, even when bearing significate weight.  The main purpose of a welding positioner is to ensure the workpiece is ALWAYS in the most suitable welding position.

Positioners Increase Welding Throughput

Positioners improve productivity because they remove wasted time in multiple aspects. First of all, welding positioners ensure maximum arc time. Cranes, chains, grippers and other types of rigging equipment take a lot of effort to move and oftentimes, welders are left waiting around for the workpiece to be positioned correctly—this may have to happen multiple times for one weldment.

The use of positioners also allows the welder to manipulate the part quickly! When it comes to large parts, positioners allow one operator to handle the job, removing multiple people to reposition the part. This shows up in labor savings and frees up employees to perform other work.

Positioners Improve Weld Qualitysemi automatic welding positioner

A major advantage of using the right welding positioner is that it yields consistent, high-quality welds. Any movement of the part during the welding process makes it difficult to produce quality welds. When your material is secured, it allows for adequate weld penetration and it also makes it easier to run complete welds without the interruption of repositioning. A welding positioner solves many problems when it comes to weld quality as it rotates the workpiece at a controlled rate and speed to maintain a continuous, penetrative weld.

Retrain & Attract Skilled Welders 

With the current welding workforce being slim, retaining and attracting skilled welders is a huge benefit to any manufacturer. Positioners allow welders to work faster, longer and with more ease. This equipment improves the working environment—making it much more attractive to a skilled workforce.  Welding positioners also:

  • Enhance safety
  • Allow both skilled and entry-level welders to make high-quality rotary welds
  • Improve employee morale
  • Use semi-automatic functioning to limit worker fatigue and increase production speeds


Premier Welding Positioners Available


TT100 Weld Positioner



The line of multi-axis welding positioners by Bancroft Engineering provides superior accuracy, index time and flexibility to meet the demands of modern fabrication. Our positioners are designed and engineered for a demanding environment—they are also mechanically robust to suit any size application.


Premier Welding Positioner Models Available

Rotary Welding Positioner


  • TT100 Welding Poisoner
  • TT210 Welding Positioner
  • TT500 Welding Positioner
  • TT530 Automated Welding Positioner (NEW)
  • TT535 Automated Tilting Welding Positioner (NEW)
  • RT2000 Welding Positioner

Many of our positioners have add-on options to customize the best positioner for your needs.

Browse the Line of Welding Positioners

Welding Positioners WI 

Whether you’re looking to increase your bottom line, enhance the quality of your welds, increase production or give your employees a morale boost, our line of welding positions will deliver! Bancroft Engineering is a leading supplier of automated welding equipment located in WI, USA.  Give us a call today at 262-786-1880 or email: sales@bancrofteng.com


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