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Plasma Arc Welding Seamer

If your industry relies on welding technology, it’s important to make note of significant changes within the world of welding. This is especially true in a post-pandemic world. Concepts that impact trends, supply and demand are all somewhat fluid even today in 2023. However, one thing remains true: the need for seam welding machine services continues to grow.


Market for Seam Welding

According to recent data, the next 10 years indicate a steady increase in the demand for seam welding machinery. The CAGR for this growth is estimated to continue at a consistent 3.8% until at least the year 2032. Much of this growth in demand is due to the consistent resilience and strength of the weld produced by seam welding machines. This growth can also be attributed to an increasing demand for the following goods that require high-quality automated welding:

  • Infrastructure industries
  • Construction industries
  • Automobiles
  • Aircraft
  • Various consumer durable goods


The Impact of Industry 4.0

Another factor that is helping contribute to the newly increased demand for seam welding machines is the advances of Industry 4.0. The term “Industry 4.0” refers to the fourth industrial revolution, which is where we currently find ourselves as welders and manufacturers. This phase of manufacturing is defined by its dramatic increase in smart technology, smart factories and improved automation.

This also translates into an increased demand for companies to provide customized, effective, efficient solutions to seam welding machine maintenance and repair. For these automated seam welding machines to continue improving the industry and creating informed data, they need to be properly cared for. This requires specialized services and training.


How Bancroft Can Help

We build both standard and custom-designed seamers utilizing GMAW, GTAW, PAW, SAW. Bancroft reworks, retrofits, rebuilds, makes tooling for – and services – all the following brands’ seamers as well as other welding equipment:

  • Weldlogic
  • Koike
  • Weldplus
  • AMET

Additionally, we can retrofit Jetline seamer parts for customers who have products bought prior to the Miller acquisition. We can service MITUSA new-to-industry seamers. Finally, we are uniquely qualified to work with arc products that are shipping in from China (and are not built in the USA).

TIG Seam welder

TIG Seam Welder

Automated Welders

Bancroft’s arc seam welders are used for the mainstream manufacturing process, which is used to produce high-quality welded seams with 100 percent penetration. If you own a Jetline, AMET, Koike, MITUSA, Sigmatouch, WeldLogic, or Pandjiris Seamer, we can also offer maintenance and repair support. Bancroft Engineering manufactures replacement and aftermarket parts for those seamers. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help you be a part of the future of automated welding.


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