Are Welders Being Replaced by Robots?

Robotics and technology have made extensive advancements in the past decade. The recent push has been to improve their software and make them even “smarter”.



Robots are designed to perform very specific repetitive tasks. But, no matter how smart they get, they will never compare to the creativity, flexibility, and problem-solving skills of a welder.  Robots will always be tools for our welders to use, not replacements!


Robots cannot come up with new innovative ideas, perform a large variety of detailed tasks, or solve an issue when something goes wrong. They have many advantages, but these disadvantages keep our welders relevant and in high demand.


Robotic Welders


Challenges come in when companies refuse to move and change with technology.  Human welders need to be comfortable with the addition of automation and not fearful of it taking their jobs.  Old fashioned manual welding techniques and outdated equipment can make life a hassle.  Here at Bancroft Engineering, we have modern techniques, top of the line equipment, and some of the highest skilled employees in their fields, ensuring your job exceeds expectations.


Keeping an opened mind with new advancements in technology ensures the success of our company. Purchasing our top of the line products ensures the success of yours!


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Samples, Prototypes, Production Welding & Fabrication


Video Above of a Model 300 Welda-Round Producing a Customer Sample


At Bancroft Engineering, LLC we pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience in all aspects of welding.  Along with specializing in the manufacturing of customized automated welding machinery, we utilize our in-house equipment to work on everything from prototypes and samples, to small and large production runs.


Prototyping and samples can be overwhelming and time-consuming.  From selecting the correct gas and wire to dialing in the correct parameters.  Let one of our weld engineers do the work for you.  With the manufacturing of samples, we provide a cycle time study and return on investment numbers to assist your engineering and purchasing department.



welding fixtures


If you already have your process and part design figured out but you don’t have the volume for your own welding machinery or production welding just isn’t in your business plan, Bancroft always has Welda-rounds and Weld-Lathes powered up and production ready.  Let Bancroft create an innovative solution for you.


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welding equipment upgrade

Welding Equipment Upgrades and Retrofits

welding equipment upgrades

Your welding equipment’s performance decreases and starts to deteriorate from many years of operation, breakdowns, lack of operation, and just simply being outdated. Any of the following can take a toll on the equipment making it inoperable and a risk to productivity. A solution to this is to, retrofit your current machine with updated controls or to completely rebuild the older machine. Bancroft Engineering offers these services on all of your arc welding systems and on all other OEM’s, whether that is on-site or at our manufacturing location.


Bancroft’s Engineering Service Team provides onsite services that consist of: evaluations of the equipment, troubleshooting, repairs, and developing procedures. We also specialize in on-site or in-house retrofits, as well as in-house rebuilds of your machines. These techniques help your company stay productive and upgrade your arc welding equipment to prevent losing any further productivity.


Some benefits to having your machines upgraded and retrofitted are:

welding equipment upgrades


  • Improves machine productivity
  • Improves equipment reliability
  • Reduces future maintenance costs
  • Modernizes and extends the life of the equipment


Welding Retrofitting

Our team is dedicated to helping your company stay productive and bring your equipment up to speed. If the retrofit takes longer than expected, our team can ship your machine to our manufacturing location where we have access to our extensive inventory. If retrofitting is not what you need, but instead decide to have it rebuilt, Bancroft’s Engineering Service Team will build it at our location, ship it to you, and install the machine.


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Preventative Maintenance for Welding Equipment

Preventative Maintenance for Welding Equipment

When is the last time you performed preventative maintenance on your welding equipment?  Companies with well-planned preventive maintenance (PM) programs enjoy:


  • Minimal unplanned downtime
  • Minimal spare parts cost
  • Minimal manufacturing interruptions from breakdowns
  • Maximum manufacturing times
  • Maximum product quality
  • Prolonged machine lifespan


At Bancroft, we understand that even the most dedicated preventive maintenance team can’t predict and prevent 100% of issues.


Preventative Maintenance

Bancroft’s Inventory Room

Bancroft offers the highest quality, advanced, and innovative arc automated welding and cutting systems.  Along with those systems comes the service and support that you expect.  Bancroft’s team is dedicated to helping your company succeed by providing full service support for every machine we manufacture and install.


Our service starts with a real person and not an automated machine.  We know throughout the process there are going to be questions.  With us, you have access to over 50 years of knowledge and expertise.  Our team understands the importance of keeping a productive system running.


If your machine goes down, Bancroft’s team will provide timely and cost-effective services at your location.  These services include performing on-site evaluations, repairs, and even upgrades to the machine when needed.  With the combination of our maintenance staff and our large in-house spare parts inventory, we will have your system up and running as soon as possible.


Schedule Preventative Maintenance Today


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robotic welding


Welding is a fundamental part of almost every manufacturing industry and metal product production today.  The process of welding dates back to the 19th century, where manual welding was first introduced.  It wasn’t until the 1960’s that the first robot was used in a spot welding application for the automotive industry.  And later, in the 1980’s where robotic welding started to gain popularity in many manufacturing facilities around the world.


Today, the benefits of welding automation have become more widely recognized.  Even more advancements in robotic welding technology are being used that are allowing manufacturers in every industry to increase production, cut costs, increase worker safety, conserve material, and much more.


Manual welding has become a process of the past!   Automation has taken over and here’s why:


robotic welding

Programming Ease:  Robotic welding systems have simple interactive interfaces on a teach pendant making programming a breeze for anyone willing to learn.


Multiple Tasks:  Robots can easily be programmed to weld a variety of different parts.  It’s even possible that a robotic cell can move from one part to another very quickly.


Operator Ease:  Learning the manual welding trade takes years of practice and training.   On top of that, it’s a dangerous and taxing job.  Automation systems remove the hazards of the process.  Robotic welding operators only have to load parts and press the correct button to run the job.


robotic welding

Increase ROI:  The cost of a robotic welding system has dropped greatly over the last 10 years.  Not only has cost gone down, but also system accuracy, speed, and software technology have been improved, making a robotic system purchase a fast return on investment.


Any Part Size:  Whether your parts are large, small, or have complex geometries, robots have the ability to weld with accuracy.


Increase Production: Unlike people, robots don’t require breaks.  Robotic welding systems can run without interruption, therefore, increasing your productivity and throughput.


robotic welding

Fewer Mistakes:  Even the most experienced welder makes mistakes.  Robotic systems are highly accurate, meaning there will be less wasted time and material.


Bancroft Engineering has extensive experience in metal fabrication and can customize a robotic welding system to fit your requirements.


Our team of engineers works with you every step of the way to provide a fully or semi-automated solution.  Our industrial welding experience provides us with the ability to engineer the best possible solution for almost any welding application.


To discuss your specific needs, contact the Bancroft team today. 

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custom welding system

Quality Welding Fixtures

Our team understands welding.  It’s a difficult and physically demanding job. Aside from the physical complications of precision welding, complications can also result from poor placement of the parts.  Taking shortcuts when fixturing a job can cause severe quality problems down the line, making your welder’s job more difficult and less accurate. To ensure your welder is performing to the best of their ability, it is imperative that they have THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB.


custom welding system


When beginning a new project, many things must be considered in the fixture design:

  • Choose your fixture material wisely
  • Orient the fixture maximize deposition rates
  • Strive for quality, durability, accuracy, and repeatability
  • Consider alternatives when designs are cost prohibitive


Bancroft’s team can design a custom holding solution for your manual welding or automatic process that is both durable and cost-efficient. From designing and building multi-step robotic applications, durable tack stations, or intricate rotating jigs and fixtures, our team has the experience to “MAKE IT HAPPEN.


custom welding system


Anyone who’s ever struggled to get a weldment out of a poorly designed fixture will attest to the importance of fixture design.  At Bancroft Engineering, we understand the amount of detail required to design and build the simplest and most complicated weld fixtures.  A good welding fixture must have it all: quality, durability, accuracy, and repeatability.


Bancroft Engineering designs and builds welding fixtures for a wide range of manufacturers.  Our engineer’s 3D model every fixture design in SOLIDWORKS® for your review and approval followed by managing the complete project including fabrication, assembly, and final testing.


custom welding system


Whether its cycle time reduction, improved accuracy and precision or both; we invite you to share your unique challenges with us.  Let one of our engineers get started on a custom welding fixture for you.  We pride ourselves on face to face meetings and give personal attention to every customer. Whether you want to communicate by phone or email or visit us in person for a tour and hands-on demonstration, we look forward to working with you on your next fixturing project.



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Our Doors are Open

While FABTECH 2017 was taking place in Chicago last week, here at Bancroft Engineering, we were cleaning and renovating our production facility in Waukesha, WI.  We are sorry to have missed you during the show, but an investment in our facility outweighed displaying at FABTECH this year. The facility renovation was a huge undertaking, but the result was exactly what we hoped it would be and so much more

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Preparation for renovation (Before)

Our production floor renovation included:

  • Organization of all tools, supplies, and equipment
  • Painting
  • Flooring refinished
  • Office remodeling


With FABTECH 2017 ending and business getting back to normal we invite you to visit our manufacturing facility and get a feel for what Bancroft Engineering can do for you.  Everyone who visits our facility gets a unique opportunity to see the production floor firsthand and experience the many benefits of our engineered systems.


Visit Bancroft

Putting on the finishing touches

Our 15,000-square foot facility is equipped with the latest in automated welding technology and a team of engineers, equipment builders, and welding experts. There is always someone ready to show new visitors around our facility, explain equipment, and answer any questions you have.


If you are in the market for a standard Welda-Round or Weld-Lathe one will always be on display and running for you to explore.  If it’s a seamer, custom, or robotic system you’re in search of; you can bet that something is under construction attesting to our quality and innovation.


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Back to work (After)

Don’t have time to travel to Waukesha, WI?  Visit our website to see our capabilities and tell us your welding needs!  One of our sales engineers will be happy to direct you to the right equipment that will help you reach your manufacturing goals and expedite a return on your investment.


Contact us at sales@bancrofteng.com to discuss a project or schedule a plant tour today.  We’d love to hear from you!

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section 179

Let BANCROFT help you take advantage of Section 179 Expensing

If you’re in the market for automated welding equipment of any kind, there has never been a better time to invest in innovation from Bancroft Engineering.  In addition to Section 179, for new orders received October 16 through November 6th, we are offering a 5% discount on all Welda-round and Weld-lathe machines.

seam weldingseam welding













We would like to remind our customers that Section 179 of the United States Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. § 179) has been restored to $500,000 for 2017. This means businesses that purchase up to $2 million in qualifying equipment can deduct up to $500,000 from their 2017 taxes.  To qualify the equipment must be:

  • Installed and placed in service during the same tax year
  • More than 50% of the use of the equipment is for the business


In addition, a bonus depreciation is extended through 2019 for all businesses who have purchased over $2 million in equipment. These businesses will be able to depreciate 50% of the cost of the equipment they purchase and put into production during the years 2015-2017. This bonus depreciation will reduce to 40% in 2018 and to 30% in 2019.


seam welding


How does all this work? Our accountants have provided us with the following examples to help explain it:

When a company buys equipment, whether by a cash purchase or by financing it, the company typically spreads the expense over several years through depreciation.  For example, if a company buys a machine for $100,000, the company can expense about $20,000 per year through depreciation for 5 years. Section 179 allows that company to expense the entire $100,000 during the current tax year if there is sufficient income to offset the expense, thereby accelerating the tax savings.


Section 179 Example

  • Cost of Equipment after all Bancroft Discounts: $150,000.00
  • Section 179 Deduction: $150,000.00
  • Total First Year Deduction: $150,000.00
  • 35% Savings on Equipment Purchase: $52,500.00
  • Lowered Cost of Equipment After Tax Savings: $97,500.00


Act now to affordably take your business to the next level

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seam welding

Seam Welding (SEAMER)

Longitudinal seam welding can be used to produce gas or fluid tight joints in a variety of sheet metal fabrications. Sheets can be tubular, formed rectangular/square tubes or flat sheets with a longitudinal seam welder for manufacturing parts like tin cans or steel drums. Steel, aluminum or stainless fuel tanks for motor vehicles are other prime examples.


Bancroft Engineering’s Seamers are designed for straight line welding of all weldable metals in thicknesses ranging from 0.005” to 0.500” and lengths in excess of 20 feet with up to 100% penetration.


These highly engineered longitudinal welders are fully customizable to suit any of your production needs. They optimize the welding process, reduce welding cost and improve the quality of your weld. Pick one of many PLC manufactures and we will customize any number of programs to provide unmatched quality to your automated welding process.


Feature Capabilities and Options Include:

  • Plasma, TIG, MIG, Sub-Arc, Laser
  • Weld Process Development & Support
  • AC Servo Carriage Drive Motor
  • Copper Backup Bar with Gas Purge Capabilities
  • Mandrel Adjustment
  • Water Cooled Mandrel
  • Cold Wire Feeder
  • Seam Tracking
  • Automatic Voltage Control (Arc Length)


Bancroft Engineering has manufactured Seam Welders for more than 30 years and offers one of the widest range of options.


Contact us for all your seam welding requirements.

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Bancroft Engineering

Bancroft Engineering Releases New Visual Branding

Bancroft Engineering, a leading provider of automated welding equipment is proud to unveil a new visual brand identity with the release of a modern corporate logo, website, and tagline.


The logo has been updated using blue and gold colors to better reflect the company’s brand today after over 50 years in business. The new tag line “The Right Tool for the Job” communicates quality and reliability. It is meant to depict the ongoing partnership between Bancroft Engineering and their customers to continually create a superior experience.


Bancroft Engineering New Logo


Manufacturers have turned to Bancroft Engineering in search of custom automated welding equipment. But as complexity and time-to-market pressures have increased, they need a more complete solution to tackle these complex welding problems and other manufacturing tasks. This, in turn, involves creating a stronger customer experience and brand identity with an emphasis on integration, precision, and quality.


The new visual identity presents Bancroft as a modern and evolving company while reflecting on the company’s strength and direction.


“Our new logo better communicates what Bancroft Engineering stands for today.”   Says Travis Frea, President of Bancroft Engineering. “We are proud to be ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving manufacturing industry and our new brand identity will illustrate how far Bancroft has come in its 50+ year history. The refreshed new look mirrors the exciting direction we are taking our company.”


The new logo has been rolled out across Bancroft’s digital and physical properties and compliments a comprehensive re-design of Bancroft’s website that makes it easier for customers to quickly find the solutions they need. Visit: bancrofteng.com


About Bancroft Engineering


Based in Waukesha, WI, Bancroft Engineering’s expertise in technology will improve your welding operation. From simple stand-alone machines to full robotic automation cells. Bancroft Engineering is uniquely qualified to furnish reliable, cost-effective solutions.


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